URGENT: Regarding collection of Data SIM And Data Card
List of Students to get DATA CARD-Excel file with Multiple Pages

Regarding NMMS

Nomination for post graduate diploma in eduaction planning and administration

Regularization of daily waged workers/contingent paid on works

Safety of students during picnics,exposures visit and tours

Regarding Instructions and Mechanism for enabling the employee to vent out their grievancee of Non- Disbursement of due and wages

Regarding Celebration of World Environment Day-2018

वर्ष 2018 के शिक्षक दिवस केअवसर पर प्रकाशित समारिका के लिए लेख प्रकाशित करने बारे .

Regarding Invitation of Nomination for Award inder H.P State Innovation Award Scheme for the year 2017-2018 .

Regarding To Adhere to Instructions Incorporated in H.P Secondary education Code-202 .

Implementation of COTPA Act-2003 .

Implementation of COTPA Act-2003 .

Regarding Submission of ACR in r/o Ministrial Staff year 2017-2018 .

Regarding guidelines for Nirbhaya Fund Scheme being implemented by Ministery of Women and Child Development .

NSS Functionaries Unit details for 2018-19-Reg.

Letter to Secretaries/Commissioners of School Education in States/UTs and Autonomous bodies set up under MHRD last date upto 31stJuly, 2018

Entry Form and ICT Award Guidelines for 2018

जिला शिमला क्रीडा संगठन की वार्षिक बैठक दिनाक 19.05.2018 की बैठक की कार्यवाही बारे

Regarding Polythene Eradication WEEK

Performa-Regarding Polythene Eradication WEEK

Regarding Annual Report Performa

Office Orders Regardind regularization of Water Carrier Cum Peon on daily wages.

Implementation of Budget Announcements made by Honble CM(Including Bag Free Day).

Regarding OSupply of Result of 10th & 10+2 Classes for the year 2017-2018.

Regarding Organizing Youth Parliament Competition for the session-2018-19.

Advise of Early Closing of Schools on 22-05-2018.

Regarding Protection of Children from Sexual Offences(POSCO)Act-2012and instructions thereof to sensitize the School Students.

Regarding-Performa of Regularization of Contract Appointees in Government Departments-PGTs.

Regarding Guidelines for the Strengthening of SMC for Quality Improvement.

PMIS Work Regarding C & V Teachers .

Regarding Collection of left out Laptops to meritorious Students March,2017.

Regarding Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Prematric Schlorship.

Adverse Remarks in ACR for the year 2016-2017..

Strict Implementation of the Protection of Civil Right Act,1955 and Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocity)Act,1989.

Regarding Spreading awareness Amongst the School Students on use of safe drinking Water during Morning Assembly in Schools..

Handbook on Women Safety-Hindi.

Handbook on Women Safety-English.

Instructions regarding CCTV Cameras.

Corrigendum-Scout & Guide.

Regarding Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Prematric schlorship for the year 2017-2020-With Modification.

Regarding Centrally Sponsored Scheme of "Prematric Schlorship ".

Regarding Executive Development Programme -Call For Nomination.

Finacial Implementation of Notification No. Fin(c)-A(3)-2/2013-L.

Regarding Continautation of Services of SMC Teachers.

Regarding Submission of Enrollement of NSS Volunteers for the year 2018-19.

District level basic course for Scout masters & Guide captains.

Regarding Study tour on "South Asian Models".

Appeal for donation in the Chief Minister Relief Fund..

Instructions for the use of official photograph of the Hon'ble President of India.

Regarding Putting up of information of chairperson of sexual harrasment committee.

Non -receipt of Inspire Amount -Sending of information.

Regarding Non Attending PFMS & EAT Module Training.

Training of Programme offoicers of NSS w.e.f 18/04/2018-24/04/2018.

Enrolment of Students as on 31/03/2018.

Regarding Requirement of revised budget demand appointed under PTA policy.

Regarding requirement of budget demand for teachers appointed under SMC policy.

Submission of ACRs of Lecturers/PGTs for Confirmation.

List of ACRs of Lecturers/PGTs required for Confirmation.

Regarding Declaration of Result of Vocational Students.

Regarding School Unit registration for 2018-2019.

Imparting IT Educatio-Delay in collection of IT Fee.

Regarding supply of 20Years Service incumbency i.e w.e.f 01/01/1998 to 31/03/2018 in r/o Lectt,Dpe,Headmaster working within the radius 25 KM's from Distt Head Quater.

Mainstreaming of Electrol Literacy:Establishment of Electrol Literacy Clubs in Schools.

Regarding online Registration/Nomination in Inspire (Manak)-for the year 2018-2019

Regarding Submission of Teacher wise and Subject wise Result of 9th & 10+1 class,March,2018

Self defence Training for NSS Progrramme officers at Manali)

Self defence Training for NSS Volunteers(Girls) at Manali)

Form of BSNL for New Sim(To be given with laptops)

Performa for Lap Top

Press Note Regarding Distribution of Lap Tops

हिमाचल प्रदेश के राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक पाठशालाओ में शिक्षा खण्ड स्तर प्रवक्ता संगीत विषय का सृजन/भरे बारे

Regarding Celebration of Himachal Day on 15th april,2018

Plan for Distribution of undistributed Laptops to Meritorious Students

Plan for Distribution of undistributed Laptops to Meritorious Students-List of Students

04th April, 1905 Kangra Earthquake Anniversary: Shakeout Drill in H.P.

Regarding,delay in providing details of IT Fees

Pending ACR'S for Regular DPC Principal from Lecturers School Cadre upto 01-01-2008H.M Cadre

Letter OF Pending ACR'S for Regular DPC Principal from H.M Cadre

LIST OF Pending ACR'S for Regular DPC Principal from H.M Cadre

Letter-04th April,1905 Kangra Earthquake Anniversary:Shake out Drill in Himachal Pradesh

List of Schools for orientation cum sensitization Programme at Bachhat Bhawan on 02.03.2018-Kangra Earthquake

PMIS Work regarding C & V Teachers

बोर्ड द्वारा संचालित की जा रही परीक्षाओ के संचालन हेतु स्थापित कियेगये कैमरों के संदर्भ में .

Regarding opening of HP-e-Pass Portal.

4th April 1905 Kangra Earthquake Anniversary:Shakeout Drill in H.P.

Regarding purchase of items for schools from HP State handicraft & Handloom Corporation Limited..

Submission of Particulars senior assistant for the post of Supdtt Grade -II.

Submission of list of Teaching staff who dies of harness on service.

Providing Physical & Financial Status of Construction Work-Letter.

Providing Physical & Financial Status of Construction Work-LIST-I.

Providing Physical & Financial Status of Construction Work-LIST-II.

Regarding Action Plan for 100 Days.

Regarding Submission of Class-IV appointed/Promoted during the period 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2015-.

Regarding Data Collection for the year 2017-18(SDMIS).

Information Regarding Staff.

Regarding Provision of Free Counselling-cum Vocation guidance to the Students.

Interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister.

Feed Back on Various Activities of Himachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority .

URGENT-Regarding Submission of Joining Reports of JOA(IT) posted on contract basis in various offices .

Regardin Pending ACR'S .

Opening/Maintaining of Bank Account for the purpose of MDM Scheme in Schools in the State.

Ensuring Presence of Government servants especially in offices.

Regarding Non Submission of any application directly to the Higher authorities.

Regarding Judgement dated 16.11.2017 of Hon'ble National Green Tribunal.

Reminder-I-Submission of ACR's.

Press Release.

Regarding One Hundred Days Execution Agenda (Action Plan for First quater).

Regarding Regularization of PTWC/WC-Cum Peon.

Submission of Service Particulars of Matriculate Regular Peon.

Conversion of PTWCs to Daily Wager Employee.

Information Regarding Librarian and Assistant Librarian

Regarding Registration of Employees for Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System(AEBAS)

Guidelines regarding winter and summer vacations for outsourced IT faculities

Regarding Monitoring/Updation of PMIS

Status of PMIS as on 07.03.2018

Regarding Launch of National Nutrition Mission(NNM) and Expansion of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao(BBBP) on 8th March,2018

Regarding Monitoring/updation of PMIS

सरकारी एवं निजी विद्यालयों के लिये 9th तथा +1 कक्षा हेतु प्रशन पत्रों के वितरण बारे .

Instruction regarding cleaning of office clutter of unserviceable artilcles .

Regarding Submission of Sports Fund Share & SDF .

Submission of Estimates for the Costruction of school Building .

Honourable Chief Justice will interact with Students of .

-Regarding Feedback on Training Progrrame.

-Regarding Submission of ACRs of clerk For confirmation as per list.

Required list of ACRs of Clerks for the purpose of confirmation.

Regarding Updation of online Service Book.

Status of PMIS as on 20-02-2018

Regarding Submission of ACR

Regarding Interactive Video Conference-Questions

Regarding Interactive Video Conference on 16th Feb,2018

Urgent Court Matter- Video Conference

Regarding 100 Days Execution agenda in respect of Higher Education

Regarding Status of Court Cases Pending in Different Courts in the District

Regarding Cleaning of Water Storage Tanks

Regarding Continuation and Revesion of the guidelines of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme-Prematric-OBC

Conducting Social Audit of MDM

Regarding Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance Machine

Regarding Institution registration on NSP for the year 2018-19

Submission of estimates for the construction of school building

Regarding Providing the SMS Facility to GPF Subscribers

Regarding One hundred days execution agenda

Regarding One Hundred Days Execution agenda in r/o Education Department

Regarding One Hundred Days Execution agenda in r/o Education Department

Instruction Regarding Direct Correspondence with the Higher Authorities

Regarding Welfare schemes to be displayed on Display Boards

Submission of NSS Annual Report for the year 2017-2018

Defaulter List PMIS as on 05-02-2018

Mega Mock Exercise on 8th Feb,2018

प्रवक्ता संगीत विषय का सृजन/भरे बारे.

Reschedule and Prepone of District level Inspire Exhibition-2018

Guidelines Regarding Conducting OF National Achievement Survey(NAS) for class 10th-Cycle_II.

Regarding Conducting OF National Achievement Survey(NAS) for class 10th-Cycle_II.

LIST OF SCHOOLS- for National Achievement Survey(NAS) for class 10th-Cycle_II.

Forwarding regarding circulation of tentative seniority list of Part time water carriers/Sweepers (01-10-2009-31-12-2017.

Circulation of tentative seniority list of Part time water carriers/Sweepers (01-10-2009-31-12-2017.

District Level Exhibitions-2018 at UNA w.e.f 07/02/2018-09/02/2018.

List of Manak Awardees-2017-2018 .

List of 196 Inspire Awardees-2016-2017 .

List of 78 left out Inspire Awardees-2015-2016 Inspire Awardees.

Updating Service Book online.

Regarding Sending of Information of Lecturers/DPE on New format.

Status of PMIS as on 17/01/2018.

Special Summary Revesion of Electoral Rolls-2018-.

Regarding the Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar.

Ensuring presence of government servant especially the field/village government servants posted in the far flung and backward areas.

Regarding Support to observe 1st round of National De-worming Day in the Month of February-2018.

Sanction of Earned Leave HM.

Regarding Implementation of MDM -Instructions Regarding Payment.

Office Order.

Final seniority List of Regular Class-IV employees working in the District for the Period 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2015.

Forwarding Letter- Regarding Circulation of Final seniority List of Regular Class-IV employees working in the District for the Period 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2015.

Regarding Submission of Hard Copies of Various Scholarship Schemes for the Year 2017-2018

Proposal of the supply of Material i.e "Disaster Management Kits For Model School

Regarding Organizing of Pre-Republic Day Camp of NSS-Volunteers

Regarding Circulation of Final seniority List of PTWC working for the period of 01.04.2009-30.09.2009

Office Order-Part Time Workers Including PTWC in Education Department Completing 8 Years of Service

Regarding Installation of Fire Extinguisher

Office Order-CCS Leave Rules-1972-Principals

Office Order-CCS Leave Rules-1972-Principals

Office Order-Sanction/Ex-Post Sanction Of Headmasters

Enrolment of Students as on 31/12/2017

Pending Details of IT Fees-School wise list

Afforestation Campaign-ATR

Video Conference held on 5th December,2017

Regarding Implementation of National Management School Safety Guidelines-2016

National School safety Guidelines

Detailed School safety Guidelines-2016

Regarding Repair /Change of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Machine on dated 5th & 6Th Dec

Pending IT Fee -List of Schools as on 2nd Dec,2017

Regarding Inter School Band Competition-Letter

Regarding Interschool band Competition to be held at six zones

Application Form for sainik school entrance examination-2018

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination 2018-19

पेंशन संशोधन एवं अन्य समक्ष मामलों के बारे में .

Earned Leave Sanction-Principals .


Press Release .

Clarification Regarding 11 Parametres for distribution of 15 Marks During Evaluation of the the candidates for selection to class-III posts ,instructions .

Regarding Transfer of RTI under section 6(3) .

Regarding Centrally Sponsored Schemes -Letter.

Guidelines for Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Prematric Schlorship for SC Students Studying in classes 9th & 10th.

Guidelines for Dr. Ambeddakar Centrally sponsored scheme of EBC.

Press Release Regarding Reopening of HP E Pass Portal for the year 2017-2018.

CWPIL No. 146/2017-Court on its own motion V/s State of H.p & Ors.

Regarding Updation of Online Service Book

Status of PMIS as on 06/11/2017

Information under RTI Act,2005

Regarding Submission of Report of Annual Function

Regarding Vacancy position & establishment check register

Nation-wide-outreach Campaign"Connecting to Serve" w.e.f 09-11-2017 to 19-11-2017

Guidelines of NDM

Implementation of National Disaster Management Guidelines

Writ Petition(Civil)No. 483/2004 Titled Avinash Mehrotra Vs. Union of India & Ors

Vidhan Sabha Election-2017:-Depputing NCC/NSS/Scout & Guide Volunteers at Poling Booth

Establishing Career Counselling Centres in all Government High and Senior Secondary Schools of Himachal Pradesh

हिमाचलप्रदेश के वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक पाठशालाओं में शिक्षा खण्ड स्तर पर प्रवक्ता संगीत विषय का सृजन/ भरे बारे

Vidhan Sabha Elections,2017-Application of Model Code of Conduct

Regarding wearing proper dress as per the Instruction issued by the Government

Regarding wearing proper dress as per the Instruction issued by the Government

Regarding Strict Compliance of the provisions contained in the "Flag Code" of India,2002" and "The prevention of Insults to National Honour Act,1971"

Urgent Information on NSS Face Book & Twitter and smnss india mail

Guidelines on Safety and Security of Children

Regarding Appointment of NSS Progrrame Officer

Regarding uploading of Swachhta Pakhwada activities on google drive.

Regarding CWPIL No. 13/2015 Court on its own motion Vs State of Himachal Pradesh

Regarding Ensuring Preventive Mechanism for Keeping Students Safe within Schools Premises

Universal roll-out of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for Central Sector Schemes."

Implementation of Provision of Juvenile Justice of Children Act,2015"

Observance of 31st October as "Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas" and "Rashrtiya Ekta Diwas.

Reports/Matters relatimg to National Human Rights Commision,New Delhi.

Regarding Potential of Information technology as a valuable learning resource is immense.

Regarding Expenditure Sanction and additionally to 263,220/- for payment of interest amount in compliance of Ex-pet.10/2016

Celebration of “Samarth-2017” State Level Mass Awareness and Capacity Building Campaign on Disaster risk Reduction

Press note-Taekwando

Performa For Lap Top Collection

Merit List 10th-Lap Top

Merit List 10+2(Lap Top)

Information under RTI 2005 in r/o Sh. Narayan Dass

Regarding the National meet on Promoting use of Space Technology

Regarding Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

Press Note-Regarding Lap Top

List of Defaulters Schools / Schools submitted wrong IT Enrollement .

Regarding transfer of RTI under section 6(3) of RTI Act-2005 .

Regarding Organizing State Level Mega Camp for the year .

Organization of Parthenium Awareness Week.

General Election Legislative assembly-2017-Requirement of additional Information of Staff.

Press Note

Writ Petition(Civil)No.483/2004 Titled Avinash Mehrotra Vs. Union of India & Ors

Guidelines of Vidyaarathi Vigyan Manthan-2017

Conduct of Vidyaarathi Vigyan Manthan-2017

Regarding mainstreaming of out of School Adolescent Girls

Installation of Fire Extinguisher

Directions to implement Provisions of Smoke Free Himachal

Request to initiate the Process of Campaign of Discrimination Free Educational Institutions
Regarding Online relieving and Joining is mandatory in PMIS

Status of PMIs as on 22.09.2017

Facilities to be provided to persons with disabilities and AMF at Polling Stations

Regarding Organizing ‘National Role Play & National Folk Dance Competitions 2017, District level

Guidelines of National Role Play Competition

Regularization of Contract appointees in the Government Department

9 वी और जमा एक के प्रशन पत्रों की मांग के संदर्भ में .

Minutes of Meeting regarding Adarsh Vidyalya .

Regarding regularization of PTWC/Water Carriers-cum-peon .

Conversion of PTWCs to Daily Wager Employee .

Earned leave Sanctioned in favour of Principals .

Regarding Enhancement of honorarium of Cook-cum-helpers(CCH) Engaged in MDM .

Conducting Social Audit of MDM .

List of Defaulters-Regarding Non-Receipt of attendance of IT deployed through NIELEin GSSS of District Shimla-Explanation thereof .

Regarding Non-Receipt of attendance of IT deployed through NIELET in GSSS of District Shimla-Explanation thereof .

Regularization of Contract appointees in the Government Department-Instructions thereof .

Regarding Non Receipt of IT Faculties deployes through NIELIT-Instructions .

Guidelines Regarding Atal Innovation Mission(AIM) under NITI Aayog-REMINDER-I.

Regarding Atal Innovation Mission(AIM) under NITI Aayog-REMINDER-I.

Guidelines of National Level Painting Competition-2017.

Regarding National Level Painting Competition-2017.

Regarding Registration for UDAAN Project 2017-19 Batch.

Regarding Aadhar Enrolment of 100% students under MDM Scheme.

Regarding Submission of Enrolement of students for (Medhavi Chhatervati Yogna).

Regarding Campaign to create awareness against use of Tobacco Products and other substance by children.

Regarding Incident of Rape and Murder of a Minor Girl Student of 10th Class at Kotkhai,District Shimla.

Submission of ACR's of School Principal/Headmaster.

Regarding Prime Ministers Awards for Excellence in Public Administration.

Online Nomination of INSPIRE (MANAK) for the session 2017-18 (Last Date: 15-09-2017) .

Workshops regarding implementation of on-line- competitive-test-module of RMSA Portal.

Swatchh Bharat Mission Through National Level Essay and Painting Competition on occasion of Teachers Day.

Prescribed/ approved rates of transportation charges of foodgrains(rice) from fair Price Shops/PDS depots to School.

Regarding Water used in MDM .

Online filling of the detail of all Cook Cum Helpers engaged under MDM.

Regarding Continuation of Financial Literacy Course for the Academic Session-2017-18

Regarding Continuation of Financial Literacy Course for the Academic Session-2017-18-List of Schools with Terms And Condition

शहर के स्कूल में बच्चे गन्दा पानी पीने को मज़बूर.

Regarding Forwarded the charge relinquishment and joining on the TR-1.

Prescribed/ approved rates of transportation charges of foodgrains(rice) from fair Price Shops/PDS depots to School.

Regarding Food Safety Hygiene for school level kitchens under Mid Day Meal Scheme.

No discrimination with school children on the basis of relegion,caste,creed and gender in schools under Mid Day Meal Scheme.

Latest Information Regarding Toilet facilities.

Regarding Inclusion of Fruits and Vegetables in flagship Programme of Mid Day Meal..

Information Regarding Category wise/Subject Wise Enrolement Quater Ending 30.06.2017-Defaulters List attached.

Information regarding Schoolwise Subject-Wise Enrolment (+1 & +2) on Prescribed Performa-Defaulter List Attached.

School wise Pass % age 0-25% & 25-50%.

Regarding Supply of Result of 10th & 12th Class March,17.

Regarding Supply of Result of 10th & 12th Class March,17.

Submission pf ACRs of Principals and Headmasters.

Guidelines of Essay Competition.

Regarding national Level painting, Essay writing & Quiz Competitions for school Children to promote awareness on conservation of petroleum Products, with Trip to Singapore,Laptop and Cash Prizes to be won..

Regarding M.R Campiagn-Instructions thereof.

Defaulter List of IT Fee IT July,2017.

Subdivision and Distt level Children science Congress(C.S.C) for the year-2017.

Status of PMIS as on 17/08/2017 of GHS .

Status of PMIS as on 17/08/2017 of GSSS .

Regarding Updation of PMIS-URGENT .

Meeting Regarding Establishment of Mukhamantri adarsh Vidyalaya .

Regarding organizing additional activities which may be undertaken during this Independence Day .

Nomination / Deputation of School Lecturers /PGTs for Orientation Programme on Environment Awareness w.e.f.17-08- 2017 to 19-08-2017 at SCERT Solan .

Press relese regarding Schlorship .

Regarding Campaign on International Youth Day .

Press Release .

Instruction/Guidelines related to HP-e-pass website i.e http://hpepass.cgg.gov.in: .

Regarding Utilization of Varoius funds lying unspent in Government Schools in H.P .

Regarding commemorating Birth Centenary of Pandit Deendyal Upadhayay during the month of september .

Regarding Online Joining and Relieving is Mandatory in PMIS .

Regarding Writ Petitions (Civil)618 of 2013 titled as Antarrashtriya Manav Abhikar Nigraani Vs Union of India & Ors .

Observance Of Swachhta Pakhwara By NSS Units .

Proposal for the Enhancement of Honorarium of Cook-cum-helpers(CCH) engaged under Mid Day Meal Scheme in State of H.P .

Vaccination Camaign Regarding for Measels Rubella(MR) in the State w.e.f 15-08-2017. .

Regarding release of GIA to SMC Teachers for the financial Year 2017-18(List) .

Regarding release of GIA to SMC Teachers for the financial Year 2017-18 .

Defaulters List Regarding Audit Paras .

Regarding Audit Paras .

Latest Position of Aadhar Enrolement of Students in GSSS/GHS/Pvt Schools. .

Schedule of under 19 Boys and Girls Tournament for the year 2017 in r/o Distt Shimla.

Reminder-Implementation of Instruction passed by Hon,ble Hogh Court of HP in CWP No. 8789/2014.

Implementation of Instruction passed by Hon,ble Hogh Court of HP in CWP No. 8789/2014.

Certificate Regarding certification to made by Principal.

Most Urgent-Afforestation Campaign.

Manual of National Scholarship Portal 2.0 for NSIGSE.

Regarding site open on National Schlorship Portal 2.0 National Scholarship Portal 2.0 for NSIGSE.

Information under RTI 2005 in r/o Kanshi Ram.

Regarding Annual Meeting of NSS for Principals and Programme.

Online Nomination of INSPIRE (MANAK) for the session 2017-18 -(Last Date: 15-08-2017).

Regarding Starting the NCC Unit.

06 days In-service Training Programme for School Lecturers/ PGTs in Mathematics from 31July to 05 August, 2017.

Latest position of Adhaar Enrollment of Students

Regarding Regularization of Part Time Water Cariiers/Water Carriers Cum Peon on Daily wages-Other Dept, Corrigendum

Regarding Regularization of Part Time Water Cariiers/Water Carriers Cum Peon on Daily wages-Education Dept

Slogan Writing Competition

Information Regarding Schhol wise Subject wise Enrollment of +1 and +2 (Lect and PGT )

Explaination regarding PMIS Defaulters

Office Order .

Deputation of Teachers for Various training Programme .

Regarding Sending Enrollement of IT for the session 2017-2018 .

Status of PMIS as on July,2017 .

Regarding Online Joining and Relieving in Mandatory in PMIS .

Regarding Anaemia Free Himachal Pradesh AYUSH Phase-1 .

Information of PGT-IP Having Charge of Library .

Office Order .

National Science Seminar .

Proforma For Feed back of All types of Training .

Regarding Feed Back Report of Training-URGENT .

Rajya Purskar Testing camp for guides from 16th to 20th July,2017 at State Training Centre Tara Devi Shimla .

Regarding unsafe school building .

Regarding Physical Allocation of Scholarship .

Training Bulletin for the conduct of Training Programmes at HIPA during the Month of July,2017. .

Regarding Extension of MOU signed with Nielet Shimla for imparting IT-Education in GSSS .

Office Order .

Regarding Atal Innovation(AIM) under NITI Aayog-Forwading Letter .

Guidelines of Atal Innovation(AIM) under NITI Aayog .

Regarding National Scheme of Incentive to girls for Secondary Education(NSIGSE)of the Department of school Education and literacy .

Rashtrapati Award Prepratory camp for Scouts from 1st July to 6th july,2017 .

Submission of ACR,s as per time Schedule prescribed by Government .

Regarding Tritya Sopan Camp for Scouts/Guides .

Regarding Submission of Audit Utilization Certificate of NSS .

Corrigendum .

State Level Tournament for the session 2017-2018 .

Regarding Submission of Bio Data for Promotion to the post of Principals(School Cadre) from lectures .

Regarding Measels and Rubella Campaign (MR) .

Regarding Meeting of Head Of Institution Bharat Scout & Guide Distt SWhimla .

Regarding Meeting of Head Of Institution Bharat Scout & Guide Distt SWhimla .

Information Under RTI-2005 .

Information Regarding sanctioned/Vacancy filled up status of Lecturers/PGT,s as on 31st May,2017 .

Regarding Training Progrrame of NSS PO's .

Regarding National Scheme of incentive to Girls for secondary Education(NSIGSE)-Supply of data for maturity Payments .

Regarding Deputation of school Heads for Ten days(SLDP) .

Regarding result analysis -Meeting (list of Schools) .

Regarding result analysis -Meeting .

Regarding Sports Meeting on 26-05-2017 .

Information Regarding Subject wise & Categorywise Enrollement Quater ending Showing June,2011 .

Information regarding School wise,Subject wise Enrollement .

Regarding Extention in date of admission of Plus One & Plus Two.

Regarding 100% Aadhar Enrollement of students in the Govt./Pvt Schools in Shimla District.

Regarding 100 Percent Aadhar Enrollement Of Students in Govt. & Pvt Schools of Distt Shimla.

Regarding online Relieving and Joining is Mandatory in PMIS.

दिनाक 27 मई,२०१७ को अवकाश पर रहने वाले अध्यापकों की सूचना भेजने बारे..

Regarding Not Marking Attendance on Aadhar on Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Machine due to bad signal.

Inspire Manak Date Extended Upto 30th June,2017.

Defaulter List of GSSS For Not Sending Details of Women Harrasment Commitee.

Regarding delay in providing IT Fees detail -Reminder-II.

Utilization Certificate under "Mukhya Mantri Vardi Yojna" for the year 2016-2017.

Regarding Submission of enrollement of Revised actual enrollement of class 9th -12th for the year 2017-2018(DDHE) Separately as per performa attached.

Regarding supply of result of 10th & 12th Class for the year 2016-2017.

Reminder-I For Submission of Weekly Iron Folic Acid Report.

Regarding supply of Result of 10th & 12 th-2016-2017.

Conduct of Vocational Assesment in Schools-reg.

General House Of DSSA district Shimla.

Meeting of Ad hoc Committee on 13 th & 14th september 2017 for settlement of A.G(Audit) Paras.

Regarding NPC Residential Training at Leh Ladakh.

Regarding delay in Providing IT Fees.

छात्रवृति आवेदन हेतु प्रेस विज्ञप्ति जारी करने बारे .

Regarding Regularization of Part Time Water Cariiers/Water Carriers Cum Peon on Daily wages.

Regarding Study Tour on South Asians Models of Infrastructure Development .

Regarding Ban on Burning of Waste or garbage in open places in Schools.

Regarding Extension of Admission for 10+1 and 10+2.

Regarding Organization of Youth Parliament in Schools.

Regarding Regularization of Assistant Librarian on Contract Basis.

Regarding Regularization of Lect/PGT appointed on contract basis.

Regarding Regularization of Clerk appointed on contract basis.

Modified performa for sending WIFS Report.

Regarding Installation of Fire Extinguishers in Schools.

Regarding Launch of canabis Eradication Campaign from 1st to 31st May,2017,Swachhta Campaign from 2nd may to 5th May ,2017 . .

Regarding Residential Training Programme on "Effective office Management & Administration,General Financial Rules " .

Regarding Residential Training Programme on "Modern Management Practices for improving organization Performance" at Leh.

Regarding Cannabis Eradication Campaign from 1st May-31st May .

Regarding Cleanliness Drive from 2nd May-5 May,2017 .

Regarding installation of fire extinguishers in School .

Notification .

Conversion of PTWC to Daily Wager employee .

Regarding delay in providing attendance of IT Teachers .

Promotion List of Water Carrier-cum-Peon as Class IV.

List of Schools-Regarding Not verified -only ID generated Employee.

Regarding Not verified -only ID generated Employee.

Regarding online Joining and relieving in Mandatory in PMIS.

Regarding Paperless Work through e-DHE Portal.

Regarding Women Sexual Harassement Commitee.

Disfigurement of Public Property.

Regarding Regularization of contract post graduate teachers.

Regarding Deworming day on 27th April,2017.

Regarding submission of Monthly Report of Iron Folic Acid.

Regarding submission of AAdhaar Enrollement-Most Urgent.

Promotion List of Daily Wager to Regular Class-IV.

Regarding Submission of Demands for budget in different SOEs for the finanacial year 2017-2018.

Regarding submission of Enrollement of NSS Volunteers for the year 2017.

Regarding Regularization of Contract Post Graduate Teachers.

office Order-Regarding Metting of Bharat Scout & Guide Distt Council Shimla.

Regarding Visit of Worthy Secretary School Education to the Government of India on 13th April,2017.

Regarding School Unit Registration for 2017-2018.

Regarding Selection trial of talented players for the sports hostels.

Inspire Manak Date Extended Upto 30th June,2017.

Regarding Prevention of Jaundice and Other Water Borne Diseases.

Regarding releasing of second Installment of NSS regular activities 2016-2017.

Delay in providingattendance of IT-Faculities deployed through NIELET in GSSS of Distt shimla .

Annexure-List of Schools for sending Details of IT fee .

Regarding Delay in Providing details of IT fees Collected in Schools of Distt Shimla .

Regarding Submission of Service Particulars in r/o Matriculate regular Peon Who have Completed five or more Than Five Years of regular service For Promotion as Lab attendant .

Regarding Organizing Youth Parliament Competition for the seesion 2017-2018 .

Regarding Admission Schedule in Government Schools for session 2017-2018 .

Regarding Declaration of result for Non Board Classes (9th & Plus One) .

Regarding Grace Marks for 10+1 Chemistry March-2017 Examination. .

Ragarding Updation Of PMIS .

New List for Account Correction of Inspire Awardee .

Non obtaining of Utilization certificate of the funds released on account of stiching charges of free Schools uniform .

Regarding the purchase of Magazine for the Schools and Colleges of H.P .

Regarding Submission of Actual enrolment of class 1st to 12th for the distribution of school uniform during 2017-18 under Mahatama Gandhi Vardi Yojna and Mukhya Mantri .

Regarding Inhouse Training Progrrame for Engineers to be conducted in your State .

Regarding Updation Personal Management Database .

Regarding Continuation of already Engaged SMC Teachers .

Regarding LPG Subsidy to Schools.

Residential training Programme on leadership and Change Management at Mussoorie during May 15 th- 19 th 2017

Regarding Resolution to eliminate measels and control Rubella/Congenital rubella syndrome

Healthy Children Healthy India

अधिकारिओं और लिपिक वर्गीय कर्मचारियों की वर्ष 2016-2017 की वार्षिक गोपनीय रिपोर्ट भेजने बारे

Training Program in Language education(July 2017-April 2018)

Format of application for Training Program in Language education(July 2017-April 2018)

Residential training Programme on Modern Office Management & Performance Management at Dalhousie H.P during April 24-28,2017

Starred Assembly Question diary no. 12/14/619-Regarding No. of working officials/officers-.

Regarding apply/Verification under Pre-Matric and Post Matric Schlorship Schemes of ST students during the year 2016-2017.

Press release regarding closing of NSP 2.O Portal and shifting the data to state government portal(e-pass portal).

Regarding completion of pmis.


Office Order - Board Duty.

Regarding Regularization oF PTWC Cum Peon on Daily wages as Peon Class-IV .

Regarding Organization of National Deworming day on 27th april,2017 .

Regarding Mahila Vikas Protsahan Yojna .

Regarding Vidhan Sabha question no.12/14/402 -URGENT .

Regarding submission of Annual Report of NSS .

Regarding non-celebration or organizing any type of function in the schools due to annual examination of board /Non Board classes.

Regarding Vacany Position Of Class IV and Lab Attendants .

Regarding Supply Establishment Check register along with vacancy position .

Regarding Annual Report Performa of Information/Appeals under RTI

List of Inspire Awardees For Bank account correction-Online

Online Nomination INSPIRE AWARD(Manak)-Reminder-I

Regarding Re-Constitution of SMC for further three years.

Regarding Mukhya Mantri State Health Care Scheme

Regarding seeding of Aadhar with Bank account Number for DBT .

Regarding School Wise & Classwise Enrollements of Students studying Sanskrit in IX & X

Regarding delay in providing attendance of IT faculties deployed through NIELET

Regarding 08th Rashtrapati Scout Testing camp for the year 2016 Northern Region

Regarding Implementation of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System AEBAS)-Training thereof

Information Regarding Sanctioned/Vacancy Position of Assistant Librarian as on 31-07-2017.

Regarding Celebration of Matribhasha Diwas on 21st Feb.

Regarding Re-Joining & duty certificate of IT Teachers deployed by NIELET.

Regarding Call For Applications For HP Environmental award 2016-17

Regarding Delay in Providing Attendance in r/o IT faculties deployed through NIELET-31/01/2017

Celebration of National Voter's Day

School wise status of PMIS as on 17/01/2017

Regarding Completion of PMIS

Regarding Joining of IT-Teachers in Schools after Strike

Regarding Demand Of Question Papers of 9th & 11th Classes



Regarding Implementation of Aadhar based biometric machine-List of Schools

Inspire Award Manak-Instructions for Preparing Project Workbook

Inspire Award Manak-Opening of Online nominations For 2017-MANDATORY FOR ALL

Regarding Pre-Republic Camp of NSS Volunteers for the year 2016-17 2016-2017

Second phase Personality development training Cum Workshop for NSS Progrrame officers w.e.f 25/12/2016 to 30/12/2016

Regarding Residential Training Progrrame on creative problem Solving

Regarding Residential Training For Improving Organizational Performance

Regarding Residential Training Programme on RTI

Babu Jagjiwan Ram All India Essay Competition

Regarding Submission of ECO CLUB Bank account detail to Elementary Education

Regarding Information of IT teachers Deployed by NIELET

Regarding Submission of Report of Annual Function for the Session 2016-2017

Regarding Information of Poor Result

Office Order

Regarding Circulation of Final Seniority list of PTWC/Sweepers

Regarding 100% Aadhar coverage of 5-18 Years age group

Regarding safety measures for children durin calamities

शिक्षा कोड में प्रावधान किये जाने बारे

Regarding PMIS Completion

Status of PMIS-School Wise

Regarding Guidelines under section 35(i) of Right to Children to free and compulsory Education(RTE)

Regarding Circulation of Tentative Seniority List of PTWC/Sweepers working in the district for the period 01/04/2008-30/09/2008

Regarding issuance of standing instructions to all the principals of Educational institutes to avoid calling students in alone by teachers

Regarding organizing additional learning support for children who have been identified to perform below expected level

Workshop/Training programme on " National Schlorship Portal and e-pass Portal to be conducted by CGG,Hyderabad & DHE,HP

Regarding Surrender/Additional requirement of budget in SOEs Salary & wages for the current financial year 2016-2017

Office Order-Promotion of Class-IV.

Regarding Extension of last date of PCRA Competition.

Regarding Celebration of Constitution Day every year on 26th Nov

Regarding Supply of information of School/Subject wise lecturer &PGT Reg. very poor result March-2016

New Format For Institute Registration in National Schlorship Portal (NSP)-2016

School wise/Subject Wise Enrollement & lecturers/PGT

Defaulter List of School wise/Subject Wise Enrollement & lecturers/PGT

Regarding Health Day for Health Education in School

Diploma course in Guidance & Counselling

State Rally at Jawalaji

Status of School Wise PMIS

Status of PMIS School wise (LIST)

aadhar ID

national schemes of incentive to Girls for secondary education 2016-17



Regarding Completion of PMIS

Status of PMIS-Schoolwise

Defaulter List of School who have not submitted the information regarding school & subject wise enrollement in prescribed format

Regarding School & subject wise enrollement of lecturer/PGT-Format Attached

Regarding 100%Aadhar Enrolment of 5-18years children/students

Regarding regularization of part time water carriers/water carriers cum peon on daily wages as peon

Submission of List of officers/officials who are retiring w.e.f 01/01/2016-31/12/2016

Promotion List of Class-IV

Format for filling Prematric Schholarship For SC Students

Guidelines for filling Prematric Schholarship For SC Students

शुद्धी पत्र

Information Of PMIS required Immediately For Review Meeting-URGENT

Write-UPs For the State Level Science,Mathematics & Environment Exhibition For School Children

National Role Play & Folk dance Competition-2016

Office Order

Regarding demand of question paper of class 8th,9th & plus one

Link for filling NSIGSE

Guidelines for Filling NSIGSE -Form also available on hpepass.cgg.gov.in-In dowloads NSP

Regarding List of defaulters- For Not sending details of Fund in School

List of Defaulters of PMIS

Regarding Completion of PMIS

State Level Advance Course For Guide Captains at Tara Devi

Regarding Conducting on-line Test of 9th & 10th

Regarding Organization of 6th DLEPC(INSPIRE AWARD SCHEME)

User ID and password of Schlorship NSP

Regarding National Schemes of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education 2016-2017

Regarding Enrollement of Minority Students for aadhar and its seeding with thieir account number

Regarding Health Check Up of Students of Class 1-8

Regarding Particulars of Part time water carriers/Sweepers for Maintaining Seniority List

Regarding Coverage of Children of 5 to 18 years with Aadhar Number

Regarding Distribution of Net Books for the year 2015

State Level advance Course for Scout Masters

Pmis Updation of all TGT teachers

List of Schools with Unverified employee (PMIS)

Regarding updation of PMIS Data Entries urgently required for review Meeting

Proposal for the installation of sanitary vending Machines and Incinerators

Annexures to supply IT Information

Regarding Information of IT required for Review Meeting

Statewide Mass awareness camapaign on Disaster Management-"Samarth-2016"

Regarding Press release for applying State and Centre Sponsored Schlorship Schemes(hp-epass)

Performance Audit on Disaster Management

International Youth Exchange Programme-2016

Updation oF PMIS

Vigyan manthan

Guidelines of Vigyan manthan

Regarding Vacate Government Accomodation


Press Note

Regarding School Wise ,Subject Wise enrollement of Lecturers /PGT in Distt Shimla

Regarding regularization of PTWC/water Carriers-cum-peon

Regarding Submission of Funds Available in Schools-URGENT

Regarding Submission of Establishment return of Lab attendants and class-IV

Reg.to grant status of second official language to sanskrit

Student Wise data Collection as Intergral part of Udise

Press Note

Detailed Instructions regarding Schlorship(hp-epass) for the year 2016-2017

Detailed Instructions regarding Schlorship(hp-epass) for the year 2016-2017

Detailed Instructions regarding Schlorship(hp-epass) for the year 2016-2017

Detailed Instructions regarding Schlorship(hp-epass) for the year 2016-2017

Detailed Instructions regarding Schlorship(hp-epass) for the year 2016-2017

Request for restoration /creation of posts of ministerial staff in newly opened GSSSs/GHSs

List Of Defaulters Who Have Not submitted attendance of It teachers to Nielet till date

Tiranga March by NSS Units on 22nd August,2016

Regarding Imparting IT Education in Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools

Free Being 2016 Operational Plan for 2016-2017

Cannabis Eradication/Opium Plants w.e.f 22/08/16-05/09-16

Afforestation Campaign-MOST URGENT

Regarding Nomination for Inspire Award Scheme

Request For restoration/creation of post of ministerial staff in newly opened GSSS/GHS

Special Swachhta Camp on 12th August

List of Beneficiaries -NSIGSE

Regarding NSIGSE maturity payment of incentive amount

Regarding National Means-Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme


Regarding PMIS Updation-23/07/2016

Regarding Audit

Performance Audit on disaster management

Model school

Regarding Demand of question Paper One Class

Regarding Formation of Women Harrasment Commitee -Defaulter List

Regarding:Supply of Contact No's ,Name of PO of NSS

Supply of information regarding IT

Regarding Subject wise& Category Wise Enrollement

Regarding School wise,Subject wise Enrollement and PGT/Lecturers in Position Statement as on 30/06/2015

Regarding Detail of Funds available in the School

Theme Based DLEPC(Inspire Award Scheme)

असमायोजित ऑडिट पैरों के समायोजन हेतु तदर्थ समिति की बैठक बारे.

Regarding Prevention of Jaundice Latest Report

Regarding Drug Intoxication


Scout & Guide Meeting

Regarding Yoga Day Celebration on 21st June

Regarding PMIS Updation & Verification -LAST REMINDER

List of DBT Transfer of Inspire Award Amount to Benefiaciaries.

DBT Transfer of Inspire Award Amount to Benefiaciaries .

Regarding Submission of service particulars in r/o Matriculate regular Peon Who have completed Five or more than five years of regular service as peon .

Regarding implementation of Adhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

Rashtrapati Award Prepratory camp for scout and guides who have passed Rajya Purskar from 26th to 30th May,2016 at GSSS Bir,Distt Kangra

अल्प संख्यक स एवं अस्वच्छ समुदाय के विद्यार्थियों के लिए छात्रवृति

High Court Matter:Action Taken Report on Jaundice

Regarding Conversion of PTWCS to Daily Wager Employee

Regarding Nomination for Indira Gandhi NSS Awards for the year 2015-2016.

Regarding Updation of Biometrics for the Children who have attained the age of 5 year and 18 years.

Regarding Regulalarization the services of contractual Lecturers School Cadre

Regarding Organizing Youth Parliament Competition for the session-2016-17

img/bullet_56.gif Regarding Rationalization of TGT's

Regarding seeding of Aadhar Numbers in beneficiary database on account of non-receipt of Aadhar letter.

Regarding information about working computers in IT Labs established by evernonn from the schools(List Attached)

Office Order (Scout & Guide) Camps in Schools

Regarding Coverage of Children of 5 to 18 years age with Aadhar Number-Organizing Camps in Schools..

Regarding organization of National De-Worming Day on 27th April,2016 and Mop Up Day on 2nd May,2016..

List of inpire awardees 2016 .

विभाग की वर्ष 2014-2015 तथा 2015-2016 के लिए पृथक-पृथक वार्षिक प्रशासनिक रिपोर्ट का मसोदा भेजने बारे

Regarding Submission of ACR,s of Officers & Clerical Staff

Regarding Sanction of inspire awards(List of Schools attached)

Regarding Nationwide Expression Series titled Mere Sapno Ka Bharat

Basic course for Scout Masters and Guide Captains and TRITIYA SOPAN TESTING CAMP for Scouts and Guides .

Notification Regarding one time incentive award for Himachali students under the "Mukhiya Mantri Protsahan Yojna"started by the Himachal Pradesh Government .

Regarding Regularization of contract appointees

Regarding Submission of Action Taken Report on Prevention of Jaundice

Regarding Supply order for purchase of items/material under disaster management(List of Schools Attached)

Regarding Guidelines for the formation of harrasement Committee

Regarding Supplying of information sought under Right to information Act-2005

Regarding reopening of Schlorship Website http://hpepass.cgg.gov.in from 14th March to 19Th March. .

Regarding Organization of National De-Worming Day on 27th April,2016.

Regarding Motivating School & college Students to pledge their Participation in Swachh Bharat Mission activities through full page Promotional advertisment in News papers

Regarding Updation of PMIS -05-03-2016

Notification -05-03-2016

Regarding Expeditions issuance of SLC top Haj Pilgrims and Senior Citizens -05-03-2016

Regarding Distribution of Question Papers -02-03-2016

Regarding Policy to engage teachers through SMC -27-02-2016

Regarding School Unit Registration -27-02-2016

Regarding Action Taken Report on AIDS Day -2015

Format For NSS Annual Report 2015-16

Regarding NSS Annual Report 2015-16

Regarding imparting IT Education

Regarding submission of result of class 9th & +1 on prescribed format 23-02-2016

एमएससी कोर्स हेतु आवेदन पत्रों के अग्रेषण बारे -20/02/2016

Regarding Prevention of Jaundice -10/02/2016

Regarding Updating of PMIS Record -05/02/2016

Regarding updation of Biometrics for the children -04/01/2016

Regarding ATR of Annual Function-30/01/2016

Regarding Particulars of Clerks for the placement of junior Assistants-29/01/2016

Regarding Providing Drinking Water Supply To all Schools-29/01/2016

Regarding Use of Old Text Books-28/01/2016


Subjectwise Result of 10th Class Board 2014-15 23-01 2016

Regarding Establisment return of DPE's 22/01/2016

Regarding Updating of online Service Books-04/01/2016


Format for IT-30/12/15

Regarding Information of IT Teachers-30/12/15

Type test result in Hindi/English Language dated 03-11-2015

Office Orders regarding withdrawn of names from the final seniority list of Supdt Gr - II circulated on dated 18th May 2012

Retirement List in r/o Principal School Cadre - year 2016

Formulation of New Education Policy-Grass Root Level Consultation thereof

Regarding Draft Action Plan on Disaster Management